Atelier Kairos developed as a young romanian brand that combines contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship to create statement rugs, using hand knotted technique and best natural fibers.

Founders of Atelier Kairos, Sorin Urziceanu and Horia Berca are running their creativity on the same passion for craftsmanship and design. Having different backgrounds in design, architecture and engineering , they fuse together a wealth of knowledge, experience and experimentation into the creative mix, pushing the boundaries of rug design.

In a world dominated by flawless machine-made products, they are driven by the desire to preserve traditional skills alive, promoting that the human touch brings more value and gives soul to the finished product.

All their rugs are unique, created one by one and can be customized in size, colors and materials. This allows a personalized customer experience to meet individual requirements in defining a more harmonious and distinctive interior.

Manufactured exclusively in Nepal by highly skilled artisans, using hand knotted technique and the highest quality natural fibers, they produce authentic, vibrant pieces that will last for generations.