The idea of Aventurine rug came as an inspiration from the natural world that offers unique and diverse patterns. It follows the transformation of a piece of a mineral crystal which, through a process of cutting and polishing can become a precious gemstone.  

This translated into the shape of the rug with a soft flowing curve that gives the natural  feel and blends into the interior. But the interior of the outer shape is characterised by a broken pattern with different shades of color that express the idea of translucency and depth. The small inserts of silk bring into the rug a sparkly sheen that glistens under light.

Materials: Himalayan wool & Chinese silk

Quality: 155.000 knots/sqm

Technique: Hand-knotted in Nepal

Customization: Customizable in size, colours, materials

Designed by:  Sorin Urziceanu

Numbered edition, signed by the artist