Care and Maintenance

Turn the carpet 180 degrees every 12 months to eliminate the occurrence of traffic patterns and uneven softening of colours from sun light exposure.  This is more prevalent in homes that have large glass windows and doors.

For an initial few months, the wool will peel in the form of lint on the carpet surface.  In this case, vacuuming the carpet gently without using roller or beater mode will take care of this issue.  You’ll notice more sheen too!  Lint and fluff aren’t an indication of poor quality carpet rather a natural materials used for making a floor covering.

In case of any spill or stain you need to take your rug to a professional clean. Do not try to clean the rug at home.

For subtle, water-based stains or spills, first scoop out the isolated area with a spoon and then press and blot in the direction of the pile with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Furniture marks are easy to tackle by simply adding a few drops of water on top of the indented area, scrapping upward the pile, and allowing the area to dry naturally.

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