Founding member of SYAA and Cumulus Architecture, founding member of De-a Architectura Society
An artistic personality, yet with an eye for details, Eliza Yokina is drawn to the sensitive reinterpretation of architecture and to the story behind it and powerfully relates with art and object design. Eliza is the founding member of “De-a Arhitectura” Society , which brings culture of the built environment to schools. She is the founding member of award-winning architecture office SYAA and currently she is senior partner in Cumulus Architecture. Being a three-time winner of the Bucharest Architecture Annual and awarded at the Publishing Industry Gala 2012 with her book “Vise Despre Case” (Dreams about Houses), Eliza translates architecture and design as a way of better understanding life and the society we live in. An active presence in the Bucharest artistic landscape, her projects stood out for their sensitivity and vigor, a mix that captures the essence of Eliza, as a person and as an architect.