Étude No. 3 Rug

Étude no.3 is first and foremost an exploration. It is an exercise on many different levels. Starting from the desire of having an object that is sustainable, ethical and honest we decided to explore and showcase the abilities of natural wool, at the same time rethinking a classical midcentury interior design element: the cow hide. Central to the creative process was to recreate the shape and presence of it without the guilt attached to the farming industry, proving that sometimes “you can have your cake and eat it too”.

Graphically, the rug is a continuous line that draws the outer shape of the piece but also the silhouette of the hide in an almost obsessive pursuit of the perfect contour; a study (étude) of the line left behind by the drawing instrument, with the thickness varying according to the force of pressure.

The rug is hand-knotted from Himalayan wool and silk inserts. The wool is detangled and spun into yarn without being dyed, keeping the natural tint of the material and also reducing the environmental impact of its production.

The result is a 1:1 scale sketch of the model, a stylized and simplified shape reduced to essence.

Materials: Himalayan wool & Chinese silk

Quality: 155.000 knots/sqm

Technique: Hand-knotted in Nepal

Customization: Customizable in size, colours, materials

Designed by:  Bogdan Ciocodeica

2022 Nominee at Bucharest Architecture Annual – Interior Architecture, Object Design Category

Numbered edition, signed by the artist