into me RUG

This collection is a proposal for a journey towards the inner part of each of us. A rug is always a personal choice and a very strong presence into our intimate interiors. 

Who am I and how do I see myself if I was a color. How I feel the deepness inside of me. This is invitation to design your own rug.

<<The collection is inspired by two powerful Romanian artists – Sultana Maitec and Ioana Nemes, whom I would like to bring homage to through this design. Both are expressing essence and emotions through colors, forms and words connecting their works deeply with oneself.>> Eliza Yokina


The core rounded part is always bright, warm, and soft strongly centered in our existence and surrounded by a line. The lower part is seen as the base of who we are, the state we are in. The upper part is the image of who we want to be the imagine of the surface.

Choose your inner color, the one that you can feel looking deep into yourself. This is the base color. And then choose the perfect version of this color this is also your color the one you intend to be each time the image you tend to be. The result does not have to be, it is what it is and to accept it is part of your design of life.

Materials: Himalayan wool, Chinese silk

Quality: 125.000 knots/sqm

Technique: Hand-knotted in Nepal

Customization: Customizable in size, colours, materials

Designed by:  Eliza Yokina

Numbered edition, signed by the artist