Motif no.1 is a repetitive, delicate pattern that expands infinitely in 3 directions while remaining strongly bordered on one side. It was born from the need of having a rug with a strong and clear way of interacting with the position of the furniture pieces. Predefining the way the rug relates to the volumes in the space creates a clear border and defines the starting point of the otherwise limitless repetition of the pattern.

The hand-drawn motif celebrates the imperfection of the lines, embracing the hand crafted aspect, from the sketching of the pattern to the hand-knotted technique used in realizing each unique piece.

The fine lines and curvy shapes offer a quite backdrop for any interior space. The monotony of the repetition is broken by accent colored patches. While the rug is realized from Himalayan wool, the eye popping accents are made with silk, adding a more precious feel to them, changing color and reflection as the light hitting them changes direction.
Motif no.1 is a faint background sprinkled with lively highlights, that takes part in a delicate negotiation with the space and the furniture pieces, a subtle dance, back and forth, almost like the soft waves of the sea on the shore line.

Materials: Himalayan wool & Chinese silk

Quality: 155.000 knots/sqm

Technique: Hand-knotted in Nepal

Customization: Customizable in size, colours, materials

Designed by:  Bogdan Ciocodeica

Numbered edition, signed by the artist