Pluriforma RUG

Pluriforma Rug celebrates the resilience of the human spirit, inspiring the viewer to reflect on the pursuit of perfection, to embrace acceptance and personal growth despite life’s unpolished moments.

From one perspective, the rug showcases a flawlessly pristine geometric pattern, symbolizing our desire to refine perfection and conquer chaos.

In contrast, the hand-drawn, humanly crafted artistry beneath embodies the constant quest for precision.

By coming together, the two elements remind us that life’s beauty lies in its various facets and the journey itself, where trials lead to growth.

Materials: Himalayan wool, Hemp

Quality: 125.000 knots/sqm

Technique: Hand-knotted in Nepal

Customization: Customizable in size, colours, materials

Designed by:  PartnerPartner

Numbered edition, signed by the artist